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Robbie Mullinax and Family The Bible Team

Norman Brockway
Missionary to Mexico

Collins Childrens Home

Bobby Dayton
Missionary to Nicaraqua

William Dickerson
Missionary to Children of Nicaraqua

Simplico Gonzalez Missionary to Mexico

Simplico Gonzalez
Missionary to Mexico

Doug Howard
Missionary to South Africa

Carroll Hughes
Missionary to American Indians in Arizona

Roy Kieser
Missionary to Spain

Phillip Marmento
Missionary in the Philippines-National

Scott Murphy Missionary to Native Americans in Arizona, Director of Regeneration Reservation

Ronnie Waters
Prayer Baptist Mission

Salvado Nava
Missionary to the Philippines-National

Jackie powell
Missionary to the Jews in South Carolina

Arturo Raymundo Sr.
Missionary to Philippines-National

Jackie Reiss
Missionary to the Jews and Greeks-Mission Director

Mike Ring
Missionary to Brazil

Carlos Stower
Missionary to Mexico-Mission Director

Victorious Valley Girls Home